'S Wonderful: The New Gershwin Musical

Published: Monday, March 19, 2012 7:00 am By: Eugene Paul Source: Theatrescene.net

Okay, kid, you say you know who George Gershwin is, big deal, that guy who wrote Porgy andBess back in the Middle Ages. And smoked cigars. Eeeuuww. Oh, yeah, and played the piano, especially “Rhapsody in Blue” which is, well, okay for a class in highbrow music, but let’s see, there’s 42 songs in this show called ‘S Wonderful. Forty-two songs?!! And no hip hop, no rap, not even doo wop? Or rock and roll? And it’s all music? For the ‘rents and their ‘rents, right? So what’s that got to do with real music? Hey, my folks can’t stand my music, why should I listen to theirs, let alone see a show about those songs?

Because it’s not just their music, you little music lover, it’s been yours since before you were born and you know how I know? Because you’ve heard it over and over and I’ve seen you take to it and hum it when you think I can’t hear. Oh, you don’t know them all, but you will, you will. Look at all your aunts and uncles. They all learned them and love them because their parents enjoyed those songs so much the enjoyment was contagious and you know how enjoyment is contagious. Except for rap, doo wop, hip hop, -- okay, I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

The Gershwin music – just look at the stats if you don’t believe your ears and your hips. Almost every song in ‘S Wonderful is a “standard”. What’s a standard? It’s the backbone of the music business. When all the hits happening now vanish in that great soup of lost sounds, the standards remain. Yes, new ones are added, of course, but nobody, nobody today, all the zillionaire instant artists, not one has forty-two songs as standards. Maybe one? Maaybe. But Gershwin, far and away more. You hear Gershwin every day of the year, all year round.

Now you know why you should go for ‘S Wonderful, take all the older generations in your family if you want to do a very nice thing, or go on your own with your
own date if you want to do a very nice thing. Good dinner and a fun show. ‘
S Wonderful is fun in spite of itself because it’s got gold, solid